District Programs


For All 6th Grade Students Held at Sportsman Lake Park in Spring & Fall. The purpose of this training is to make the students aware of the importance of natural resources to the quality of their lives today and help influence the choices they will make as adults in appreciating, managing and protecting these resources for the future.


For All 4th Grade Students
The purpose is to educate the 4th graders about all aspects of water and to instill in them a general environmental awareness and stewardship ethic. Each student participates in 3 hands-on water activities.

Environmental Education

Annual Cullman County Soil & Water Conservation District Environmental Education Teacher Workshop


Each year the Cullman County Soil & Water District and the Cullman NRCS office conduct the County and North District contests. The events are designed to help students learn more about land, difference in soils and their capabilities, methods of soil conservation and improvement, treatments to help in obtaining higher production, and selection of suitable home sites.


Each year the Cullman County Soil & Water District and the Cullman NRCS office conduct the County and North District contests. The purpose of the event is to stimulate student interest in forestry, promote forestry instruction in the agricultural education curriculum, and recognize students who learn and demonstrate competence in forestry. As part of the competition, team members demonstrate knowledge of timber cruising/estimating, timberland improvement, tree identification, and compass orientation.

Meet Our Team

The SWCD mans booths or exhibits during the Cullman County Fair, Oktoberfest, Farm Ya’ll Festival and Peinhardt Farm Day.

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School & Education Program

Programs that the CCSWCD Staff come into the classroom and present.
All supplies are included and are free.
Be Sure to enter our poster and essay contests every year
Did You Know That:
  • Almost all the food you eat, material for the clothes you wear, and wood for the house you live in is produced by soil?
  • There are thousands of different types of soil across the world? The USA alone has more than 70,000 varieties of soil.
  • It takes 500 years to produce an inch of topsoil, which is the most productive layer of soil?
  • About 70% of the weight of a text book or magazine is soil?
  • Soil is alive? There are more microorganisms in a handful of soil than there are people on Earth.
  • Almost all the antibiotics we take to help us fight infections and disease were obtained from soil microorganisms?
  • Some animals, like chimpanzees in Uganda eat soil? This lets them absorb nutrients in harmful foods.
  • Soil is a non-renewable natural resource? This should make us think of how much we value it.
For more info contact the District at 256-734-1431.